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Coaching & Hope Therapy

Let's Meet

Vickie Brooks

B.A. Hons. Art and Design, P.G.C.E., Dip. Personal Performance Coaching, Dip. C.B.T.

CPD includes:

Myers-Briggs Type Indicator Practitioner,

Fdn. Dip. Art Therapy, Bereavement Support and Forgiveness Therapy Training and Counselling and Trauma Support Skills.

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A passionate, creative and wholehearted ‘solutionary’ seeks those who long to shake off fear, shame and anxiety, to grow in confidence, assertiveness and

self-esteem, and emerge as their true, valuable and gifted selves. 

I am a qualified Personal Performance Life-Coach, trained in Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT) and experienced in Pastoral Care. As a mother of five, a parent-carer and a life-long learner, I have gathered a wealth of training and lived experience to draw from. My passion is for you to discover your treasure within, and consequently enjoy yourself and your life more fully. I have coached both independently and for organisations, and have delivered Creative-Coaching for individuals and groups. 

What's It All About

Rock climber suspended from the roof of a cave, looking relaxed against a background of blue sea with an island in the distance.


Expanding your horizons


Faith-Based Coaching

Finding your path

Looking through Autumn leaves of rusts and gold, to an azure sky beyond.


You are enough

A shoal of paper fish swim on a rich textured acrylic sea of blue, green and yellow.


A new perspective

Calm deserted beach scene with horizontal strips of sand, water and sky. The cerulean sea sits on the horizon.

Coaching for Carers

Dream again

Burst of joy expressed in red lines of paint on a sunflower yellow background.

Kid's Coaching

Because you matter too!


Because You Are Unique

Although I have outlined a range of coaching,
I take an integrative approach, ensuring that sessions can be tailored to your individual needs.

Many tiny smooth pebbles, all in different pastel shades, look tempting enough to eat.

What You Can Expect

Whether you are already familiar with Coaching and Hope Therapy, or are considering this for the first time, my aim is to make the experience as comfortable, effective and rewarding for you as possible.


Vickie’s enthusiasm for making life more meaningful can’t help but influence you. I can’t thank her enough for the commitment and passion she shared to help me on my journey.

A.N. - Bath

I thank God for you every time I think of what you are doing with my daughter. It makes my heart sing! I cannot thank you enough. You are the most openly life affirming person I know.

S.S. - Bath

A white seagull with black wing tips, flies against a brilliant cloudless azure sky.

I felt so empowered. It gave me such a lift having someone who believed in me and was genuinely interested in encouraging me to find happiness….. It has meant a lot to me.

B.B. - Bristol

I felt encouraged that someone had time and patience to stand with me without judgement, and believe the best outcome was achievable. I feel that coaching has helped steer and direct me through a dark tunnel promising light at the end.

S.F. - Oxford

A droplet of water sits on the end of a leaf, weighing it down slightly.

I am feeling back in control, more resilient with a renewed sense of me. Caring is tough on many levels but I feel more on an even keel and able to face future challenges having been able to be honest about its toll, but also its rewards. Vickie saw 'me', and helped me feel valued, not just as a carer. Coaching is a real adjunct to counselling. It focuses on the positives, your potential, your value and restores your sense of self; it gives you back some control of your life, which as a carer you can lose. I feel more like the old me again.

L.T. - High Littleton

I found out how other people see me, which is so different to how I see myself. I now feel confident, capable and happier.

H.M. - Radstock

The surface of aquamarine water catching the light in abstract patterns.

Vickie is a very comfortable person to be with. I have found having someone to talk to about the different areas that I struggle with, has made a difference…. I have seen great changes.

G.B. - Bath

Dry white sea-bed sand, mimicking the folds in flowing fabric.

Coaching certainly was very helpful to me, especially giving me confidence to think of myself and how I can say ‘no’ without feeling so guilty….. a work in progress.

S.M. - Temple Cloud

The coaching helped me to improve the balance between work and social life and improve the quality of my relationships. Vickie’s enthusiasm is infectious. It was an enjoyable and positive experience.

R.S. - Bristol

Four birds fly silhouetted against a soft golden sunset.
A backdrop of clear gentle blue sky frames bronze grass as it gently bends in the breeze.

Vickie has helped me at a very difficult time.

L.M. - Keynsham

My son would look forward to his art therapy sessions with Vickie every week. Through her gentle, adaptive approach, he has made real progress in how he can work through his emotions, whilst learning so many new techniques.

R.H. - Bath

I have learnt some very interesting things about myself and my purpose and direction. It is an amazing, fascinating, valuable and stimulating process. I feel re-focused, hopeful and grateful.

B.W. - Radstock

Vickie embraced my complex caring situation with gentle caring coaching. She showed me how I could develop more time for me, without feeling guilty……a great step forward.

T.G. - South Gloucestershire

I have benefitted enormously from the sessions. Vickie is a wonderful encourager. As a result I am more motivated, cheerful, fulfilled and confident.

R.P. - Radstock

Watery image using acrylic paint in blues and gold
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